DIY Collapsible Camping Cup

Making things out of duct tape is all the rage today (...with 8 year olds) but that didn't stop me from trying to make this collapsible cup out of duct tape yesterday. After a duct tape cup that we made earlier this summer I had high hopes for this one. The result of this cup experiment was an epic failure but the fact that I now own penguin duct tape made it a small secret victory. Today's trail tip was inspired by this "pin." So, is making drinking devices out of duct tape a good idea or a bad idea?…

DIY Duct Tape Camping Cup

Today's DIY trail tip is inspired by this "pin"--yep it's a cup made out of duct tape. It took us about 5 minutes to make, you can check it out here:  So, we've decided that the duct tape cup is definitely cool but I can't think of a reason to take it camping or backpacking since water bottles are much more useful to have. What are your thoughts? Would you take this camping or backpacking and what would you do with it?