Top Spring Break Adventures Near Laramie, WY

Spring break is almost upon us.

It’s the time when college students plan on leaving Laramie in search of epic adventures. But, if you plan on staying in town or visiting Laramie, don’t worry. There are plenty of places to explore without burning a full tank of gas.

The best part about planning a spring break adventure here is that you could be wearing shorts at Vedauwoo one day and ski clothes in the Snowy Range the next.

Here are our four favorite local spring break activities.


1) Night skiing or snowshoeing. A few of our favorite places for night skiing are Tie City & Barber Lake Road in the Snowy Range. Just dress warmly, bring some drinks and snacks, a headlamp and set off to explore.

2) Exploring the trails around Red Feather Lakes. When we were college students at UW rarely did we venture beyond the Snowy Range. But, every once in a while it’s nice to escape the wind and head to Colorado for a day of exploring.

3) Ski or snowshoe to a yurt for the night. There’s really no better place to winter “camp” than in a yurt. They are warm and cozy and fun and relatively inexpensive to rent (especially when you go with a group and split the cost). Last fall we stayed in a yurt in Colorado’s State Forest State Park and while it’s not a ‘local’ place it’s highly recommended.

4) Sledding at Happy Jack. If you’ve managed to go the entire winter without hauling a sled up the old ski hill at Happy Jack and then blazing down it you’ve really missed out! Before the snow’s gone for the season you’ve got to try out this sledding hill. Bonus points if you sled at night on a tray you stole from Washakie. (PSA: we don’t encourage stealing trays from cafeterias but if you do and we see you sledding we won’t tell)

What are your plans for spring break? What activities do you recommend around Laramie?

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