Top 5 Reasons to Climb Medicine Bow Peak

Imagine sitting at 12,013 feet downing a handful of M&M’s and looking at a view like this.

Not too shabby huh?

One of our favorite hikes of all time is the trek up to the top of Medicine Bow Peak and consequently, it’s our most popular trail page.

A few weeks ago we headed that direction and we were amazed at how many people were climbing to the top.

This peak does not discriminate. We saw old people, middle-aged people, teenagers, and even another family packing a baby to the top (right on!). We saw people hiking in blue jeans, running shoes and without fancy schmanzy daypacks and trekking poles. We saw people of all shapes and sizes and varying degrees of fitness levels.

Can I just say that it was awesome!

There’s something amazing about the trek to the top, it is indeed a challenging hike but real people can do it, and they do!

If you haven’t climbed ‘Med Bow’ the time is now and just in case I haven’t convinced you yet here’s 5 more reasons why the summit is calling your name.


#4.jpg#3.jpg#2.jpg#1.jpg Now, if you can’t make it up there this summer that’s okay. Check out this video we made of the descent.

And here’s some bonus trivia. Did you know that an airplane once crashed into Medicine Bow Peak and you can still see the wreckage today? There also used to be a lookout tower on the top of Medicine Bow Peak that was constructed under some pretty shady circumstances and a woman once “manned” the tower, it was quite a big deal back in the day.

Have you summited Med Bow? What’s your favorite thing about the trek up the mountain?

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