Easy to get to Historic Sites in the Snowy Range

The Snowy Range is peppered with historic sites from mines to tie hack camps to lodges. Some of them are even close enough to a main road that you can explore them without walking much at all.

  • Headframe and Boiler from the Red Mask MineRed Mask Mine: The Red Mask Mine is right next to Wyoming Highway 130. A short easy loop trail will take you to the Red Mask Mine and an old cabin used by the miners. The mine shaft is filled in but you’ll see what’s left of the old headframe and part of a rusted boiler. The cabin is in fair shape and worth a visit. The trail starts from the Medicine Bow Peak Overlook which is just past the Libby Flats Observation point if you’re coming from Centennial. (Complete directions are on the Red Mask Mine web page) Because this mine is so close to the highway it gets quite a few visitors but not so many that you can’t have a few minutes of solitude at the cabin and the mine.
  • Old Cabin with Sand Lake in the backgroundSand Lake Resort: This was one of our favorite unexpected discoveries when we stumbled upon it and we think you’ll be surprised too when you see all the old cabins in a quiet meadow north of Sand Lake. Come here when you have some time so you can stroll among the cabins and along the lake imagining what the Sand Lake Resort looked like when it was in use. You can drive to within about 100 yards of the Sand Lake Resort but you’re not going to drive there quickly. You’ll drive through Centennial on Wyoming Highway 130 and turn on Sand Lake Road which you’ll follow for 15 miles. (Complete directions are on the Sand Lake Resort web page.)
  • Echo LodgeEcho Lodge: Echo Lodge contains the two best constructed log cabins that we’ve come across in the Snowy Range. The logs for the Echo Lodge main building and a smaller cabin across Smith North Creek were both squared, which required a lot more effort and wasn’t done very often. The rest of the cabins and buildings create an unmistakeable feeling that this was a great place to visit. You’ll find Echo Lodge along Forest Road 500. This is the road that connects Wyoming Highway 230 with Fox Park, but you’ll stay on the road past Fox Park until just after the road crosses Douglas Creek. (Complete directions are on the Echo Lodge web page.)

As with all historic sites, please enjoy them and respect them by not taking anything from them or leaving anything behind. And let us know about any other easy to get to historic sites we may have missed.

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