Easy scenic hikes in the Snowy Range.

Whether you don’t have time to walk a long trail out and back or you just don’t want to, we want to help. Here are some places to visit that offer some great scenery with little, and sometimes no effort beyond driving. In these areas you don’t have to walk the entire length of a trail. Just sit and enjoy a peaceful lake or take a stroll and turn around whenever you want.

  • Lake Marie from the Medicine Bow Peak Trail

    Lake Marie from the Medicine Bow Peak Trail

    Mirror Lake or Lake Marie: Both of these lakes sit right below Medicine Bow Peak next to Wyoming Highway 130. There is a very wide and gentle trail between them. It’s a little over 1/2 mile one way and great for a leisurely stroll. You can find it on our Medicine Bow Peak Trail Map. From Lake Marie you can also head down the Tipple Trail and within the first 1/4 mile you’ll come to a little bench with great views of Medicine Bow Peak and South French Creek. And of course you can spend some time at Lake Marie Falls. It is common to see the Lake Marie parking area full during the summer, but you can usually find parking around Mirror Lake or at the Tipple Trailhead parking area a few hundred feet beyond the Lake Marie parking area.

  • Lewis Lake

    Lewis Lake

    The Sugar Loaf Recreation Area: This is the area around Sugar Loaf Mountain, Lewis Lake, and Libby Lake. There are several options here for great scenery with little effort. Even though there are no trails around the lakes you can still walk around them. You can head up any of the established trails where you’ll be surrounded by rocky peaks and alpine lakes. Or you can perch yourself on a rock and take just take it all in. There are several picnic tables around so bring a lunch. There is a parking area near both of the lakes and the one near Lewis Lake always fills up first. We show the area most clearly on our Medicine Bow Peak Trail Map.

  • Brooklyn Lake

    Brooklyn Lake

    Brooklyn Lake Area: Brooklyn Lake is just below the tree line which gives it a slightly different feel than the two areas listed above. There are two trails that start from Brooklyn Lake, the Lost Lake Trail and Sheep Lake Trail. You’ll also pass the trailhead for the North Fork Trail before you come into the clearing around Brooklyn Lake. If you travel along Sheep Lake Trail you’ll get a unique view looking back toward Laramie. You’ll also walk past the start of the North Fork of the Little Laramie River in the small lakes that dot the first mile of the trail. Lost Lake Trail is also fun as it starts in the trees taking you gradually into the alpine zone passing several lakes along the way.

If you’re tried one of these let us know what you think here or leave a comment on the trail page. We’d love to hear about your favorite easy scenic hike in the Snowy Range.

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