5 Hot Outdoor Dates To Heat Up Your Love Life

It’s almost Valentine’s Day.

Blah, blah, blah.

If you’re like me the most exciting part of Valentine’s Day is actually the day after Valentine’s Day when all of that amazing chocolate goes on sale.

But, this year Valentine’s Day coincides with a full moon! If that’s not an excuse to take the love of your life on an outdoor date I don’t know what is. Today we’re sharing 5 local hot outdoor dates to heat up your love life. Trust me, they’re awesome.

  • Go night skiing or snowshoeing. Recently I wrote an article over at Seattle Backpackers Magazine on this very topic. You can check it out here. 
  • Go snow tubing at the Snowy Range Ski Area. We haven’t been yet, but it is so cool that our local hill has added tubing! If you head that way leave us a comment and tell us how awesome it was!
  • Let’s say you’re a broke college student (been there) or just plain frugal (yep) and you don’t want to pay to go tubing at Snowy Range (it does seem a bit pricy doesn’t it?) why not go to Kmart, buy a cheap plastic sled and head up to Happy Jack where you can have a crazy fun time on a wicked fast hill for the cost of a trail fee.
  • Enjoy a full moon winter hike. Have you ever been up to Vedauwoo in the winter? Better yet, Vedauwoo covered in snow on the night of a full moon? Be careful though, no one wants to fall off an icy rock ledge and wreck a hot date with a trip to the ER.
  • Rent and ski or snowshoe into a yurt! I love “camping” in yurts, they are so much fun. It might be too late to rent a  yurt for Valentine’s Day but it’s worth making a few phone calls to check for last minute cancellations. We stayed at the Clark Peak Yurt a while back and it was awesome, you can check it out here.

You can make the date even more special by building a small campfire and (responsibly) enjoying an adult libation at the trailhead (or foil dinners and ‘smores), or listening to Boys II Men’s ‘I’ll make love to you’ or P/Diddy’s ‘I need a girl‘ (if you couldn’t find a hot date) as you drive home.

But, what if you’re old, boring, married and you don’t want to pay for a sitter? How about a family date? Here’s our plan. We’re going to bundle the kids up, and take them full moon skiing at Chimney Park (because nothing says romance like skiing with your husband, a 2 1/2 year old and an 8 month old). We’ll probably start skiing before it gets dark since that’s just easier with kiddos and we’ll eat delicious snacks as we ski and watch the sun set and moon rise. If you’re in Laramie and you want to join us let me know!

What are your big plans for Valentine’s Day?

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