Our 3 Favorite Places to Snowshoe near Laramie

If you’re in the mood for snowshoeing and happen to be near Laramie, or the surrounding area (Cheyenne perhaps) then you’re in luck because there are quite a few trail options and even non trail options available to you. But today we’re focused on our favorites.

So, without further rambling, here are our 3 favorite places to snowshoe near Laramie:

  1. Vedauwoo: This shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s close to both Laramie and Cheyenne, it has those wonderful rock formations, and it’s also prime winter habitat for moose and elk. But there are a couple drawbacks. The snow tends to blow and drift a lot around Vedauwoo so in a rather short distance you can go from needed some hefty back country snowshoes to simply walking on dry ground in you regular hiking shoes. And the same wind that makes the snow unpleasant will also punish you for any skin you may leave exposed, until you get into the trees that is.
  2. Libby Creek Trail: I love this trail in the winter. It starts at the Green Rock Trailhead which is about as far up Highway 130 as you are going to get in the winter (from the Centennial side anyway). It starts just below a wide meadow and works its way through a beautiful winter forest. A little over 1/4 of a mile in you’ll come to a snow measuring stick which is always fun to check out. As you make the big loop you’ll spend part of the time above Libby Creek and part of the time right next to it.
  3. Little Laramie: This is another great winter trail system that offers plenty of options. Some trails will take you beside the North Fork of the Little Laramie River, others will take you through forests and meadows, or you can even head up Sand Lake Road if that’s your thing. The is also a scenic overlook that offers some great views of the Snowy Range Ski Area.

I find myself spending the most time in these three places when I’m on my snowshoes. Where is your favorite place to snowshoe near Laramie?

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  1. Darian Pike |

    Hi Al,

    I am hoping to do some snowshoeing the first weekend in November. What does typical snowpack in the Libby Creek area look like at that point?

    Thank you!


    • Al Walsh |

      At that point you should be able to find plenty of snow for snowshoeing if you go high enough. Right now you’ll need snowshoes for anything above Brooklyn Lake and the Forest Service has closed the gate into the Sugar Loaf Recreation Area. I hope that helps.

  2. pamela |

    Hey, do you know of a website that lists snow conditions at these 3 places? Or any snowshoeing areas? Thanks!

    • Rebecca |

      Hi Pamela, there isn’t a good consolidated database of snow conditions out there…maybe we need to start one! I can tell you that it’s dry at Vedauwoo right now but things are still pretty decent in the Snowies and on Pole Mountain. Where are you headed? I might be able to ask around.

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