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Devils Gate Creek runs through an isolated area in the Platte River Wilderness that is home to these two unique historic structures.

A little over a mile into the Devils Creek Trail you will come to a small meadow. Across this meadow on the other side of the creek you will see the top of an impressive stone chimney peaking over the brush. This is your first sight of the Thompson Lodge.

As you make your way over to the lodge one of the first things you’ll notice is that is has quite a bit of its roof left. This is very impressive for an old building in these parts and it’s hard to say how much longer this one will hold out.

Thompson LodgeOnce you get up to it you can see that what looks like one very long cabin is really two with a covered area between them. There is still quite a bit of furniture scattered about, along with some garbage both old and, unfortunately, modern.

There’s even the remains of an old outhouse. Sometimes I think about the poor person laying in bed on a cold winter night telling himself he really doesn’t have to go that bad and it can wait till morning.

Back on the trail, as you continue down the creek you will very quickly come to some old logs right next to the trail. At first you may think its the outline of a long gone cabin. But as you keep going you’ll notice the logs do too.

This is actually the remains of a log flume built by the Carbon Timber Company in the early 1900s. What remains of the flume travels down the creek for almost a mile sometimes right next to the trail. It ends just before Devils Gate Creek joins Douglas Creek.

For more information about Devil’s Gate Creek, see what our friend Roger Ludwig wrote about it on his website Away From The Grind.

It’s amazing to think about the effort that went into building this flume over the rocky outcrops and along the steep side hills. And how bad was the need for railroad ties that drove this effort.

There are more pictures on our Devils Gate Creek Flickr set. To get here follow the directions to the Devil’s Gate Trailhead on the Platte River Wilderness page.  If you do visit, remember to take only pictures and leave only foot prints.


If you are looking for a guide to get you to the Thompson Lodge:

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