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Reservoir Lake Falls is one of those out of the way gems. Not many people come to Reservoir Lake to begin with and since this waterfall is off the trail (just a little) not many people get to appreciate it.

Reservoir Lake sits at about 10,800 feet above sea level and it catches the runoff from the North end of the ridge that makes Medicine Bow Peak.

Quealy Lake Trail is the only trail that will get you here. While walking near the North end of the lake the trail crosses the point where the water drains and flows down to the Meadow Lakes below.

If you pause here for a moment you will quickly notice that the Meadow Lakes aren’t very far way and they are quite a bit lower in elevation (about 10,640 feet). Add those two bits of information together and there is bound to be a waterfall.

Follow the water as it leaves the lake and you will very quickly find it. There is no trail so be careful. You can easily admire the waterfall from above if you don’t feel like scrambling over some rocks to get to the bottom. My favorite part about this waterfall is watching it disappear under the rocks at the bottom and then reappear further downstream on its path to the Meadow Lakes.



You can get here from the Quealy Lake Trail but it’s going to be more work overall. The shortest and most scenic route will be to take the Gap Lakes Trail to Quealy Lake Trail and then follow it to the falls. You will not be disappointed if you take that route.

Travel west from Centennial on Wyoming Highway 130 for 11 miles. Turn into the Sugarloaf Recreation Area and park at Lewis Lake. From there you can start hiking the Gap Lakes Trail.

These pictures are part of the Quealy Lake Trail photo set on Flickr.


If you are looking for a guide to get you to the Reservoir Lake Falls

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