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I like finding things that I’m not expecting to find.

While hiking along Rock Creek Trail I came across this old one room log cabin after a mile and a half.

It sits in a great spot right off the trail, among some trees and a stones throw from the creek.

A few hundred feet beyond the cabin on a steep side hill above the creek I saw two pieces of metal sticking out of the ground under the trail. As I got closer, they started to look like rails and when I reached them and looked up the hill I found the filled in entrance to an old mine shaft.

There was a lot of mining activity all over the snowy range in the last several decades of the 1800s. I’ve been digging through some books I have trying to find a reference to this mine along Rock Creek but so far I haven’t found anything. That doesn’t make it any less fun to explore. A little bit further up the trail I saw what looked like some old discovery holes from some other early mines.

It may not look like it now but there used to be a lot of activity in the area. In addition to mines there were a lot of railroad ties cut and floated down Rock Creek to support the construction of the railroad.

If you want to see this for yourself, travel on Interstate 80 East from Laramie and exit at Arlington (exit 272). Drive under the Interstate and turn right on the first gravel road. Turn left at the signs for Tyler Sims Outfitting and follow that road all the way to the end.

More information about Rock Creek Trail can be found on the trail page: http://www.justtrails.com/trails/rock-creek-trail/


If you are looking for a guide to get you to the Mine along Rock Creek:

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