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If you travel along the There and Back Trail, part of the Brush Creek Trail System, you will quickly come to an old tie hack camp along Brush Creek.

This Lone Cabin isn’t part of the Tie Hack Camp.

I’m not talking about the lone cabin along mainline trail just as you enter the forest, although that one is interesting in it’s own right. The Brush Creek Tie Hack Camp, however, is further in.

The tie camp is in pretty rough shape. I counted five log cabins total, all in various states of decay. There isn’t a roof in sight and given the size of the trees growing inside the cabins, I don’t think there has been a roof here for a while.

I can understand why they picked this spot. It’s right along the creek for easy access to water for their own needs and also for transporting the cut railroad ties down to the North Platte River in the spring.

Brush Creek near the Brush Creek Tie Hack Camp

Brush Creek

There are dozens of places like this all throughout the Snowy Range and every time I visit one in this condition it makes me want to find them all before our harsh winters are a fire takes what’s left.

To get here head south from Saratoga, WY on Highway 130.  Keep following Highway 130 towards Centennial when it splits and goes east while Highway 230 goes south.  Park behind the Brush Creek Visitor Center and if you get to Ryan Park you’ve gone a little too far.


If you are looking for a guide to get you to the Brush Creek Tie Hack Camp


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