How to Pack for a Day Hike with Babies & Toddlers

Two years ago when I was trying to figure out how to hike with a brand new baby I scanned the internet for advice on what to put in my daypack. I read an article written by a woman who packed her breast pump (along with her breastfed baby) up a mountain and realized that I was better off developing my own packing list based off of our route, location, the weather and the needs of our baby.

Here’s a short video with what was in my pack during a hike on Monday.

My packing list has evolved over time and I’ve cut it down to just the essentials–honestly if I’m packing around a baby &/or a toddler I don’t want to carry any more weight. I can pack light because when it comes to hiking with kids I’m not that adventurous. I use my car for a “base camp” (we’ll get into that next week) and stick to well established trail networks. This packing list is pretty typical for me.


What’s in your daypack?

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