How to dress babies and toddlers for a hike

This is the second video in our series all about hiking with babies and toddlers. Today we focus on how to dress babies and toddlers for a hike.

A few highlights from the video:

  • I think about the ‘big 3’ when I dress my kiddos for summertime hikes: layers, hats, and sturdy shoes.
  • My kid’s wear cotton. I know, cotton is bad news in the woods. But, finding quality clothing made from synthetic materials is not only difficult (I’d rather be hiking than shopping) but it’s also very expensive. So my kiddos wear cotton but we always have a full change of clothes handy.
  • It’s easy to get discouraged looking at many outdoor blogs thinking that your kids need to have the latest and greatest in outdoor technical wear. Well, they don’t! My kid’s hike in every day clothing. It’s most important to me that we get out there and on the trails and still have money leftover for ice cream at the end of the hike.

Check in next Wednesday for a video all about equipping yourself to hike with little ones.

What tips do you have for dressing babies and toddlers for the trails?

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  1. stephanie mullins |

    We were able to get merino at over half off for our 14 month old. It was essential for us since we backpack. Love the kid series!

    • Rebecca |

      Nice! Don’t you love finding a good deal on quality kids gear or clothing? Today we found some gently used REI toddler hiking pants for 9 bucks and I felt like I won the lottery! Backpacking with a 14 month old–now that’s awesome! I’m glad you like the kids series 🙂

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