3 Tips for Hiking with a Baby in a Front Carrier

When it comes to hiking with a baby in a front baby carrier a few simple tips can be the difference between a sore back the day after a hike and having steady footing on the trails. Here are 3 of our favorite tips for hiking with a baby in a front carrier.

3 tipsHow do you make hiking with a baby in a front carrier easier?


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  1. Lenka |

    And be careful when walking on non smooth surface, like going downhill in a forest with tree roots that cross your path, so you do not fall on your baby and injure yourself quite a bit trying to protect him (ehm, guess how I know this one?) At least I was the one injured, not our 10 month old! Afterward my husband had to carry the toddler in the back carrier and the baby on the front, he said he carried about 34 kg together;)

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