3 More Kid-Friendly Hikes Near Laramie

Last summer we published a list of our top kid-friendly hikes near Laramie.

3 More Kid-Friendly Hikes Near Laramie

Those hikes include the following:

When I originally wrote this post I thought it was a bit incomplete so today I’m going to add three more kid-friendly hikes.

top kid-friendly hikes near laramie

I hesitated in putting this path on the original list because it’s a paved route, not a dirt trail and we’re all about bonafide trails around here. Just park at Lake Marie in the Snowies and follow the path up to Mirror Lake. This short path is quickly becoming a favorite of my children because they can splash in two freezing-cold alpine lakes and then if we have time cross the highway and walk down (a real trail) to see the waterfall.

3 More Kid-Friendly Hikes Near Laramie

Once again this is another path that didn’t make the cut with my first post because it is a paved path. But, Box Canyon is another one of our favorites. My kids love that this path goes past several fun caves and rock formations and then breaks into a dirt path, a dilapidated old bridge and mecca for bouldering.  Just park at the Veduwoo gazebo and head on down the path, but don’t feed the chipmunks or I’ll blog about you (you’ve been warned…;)


Curt Gowdy State Park is growing on me, I’m starting to like it there more than I used to and we hike to Hidden Falls at least a few times every summer. But, sometimes I don’t want to deal with crowds or get in the way of the mountain bike crowd. So, we’ll start hiking from the Visitors Center. There’s maybe a mile or so of paved and dirt paths across the prairie. The wildflowers are amazing here in the summer, the views spectacular since it’s so high up, no one is ever on these trails and you can park for free at the Visitors Center.

3 More Kid-Friendly Hikes Near Laramie

What are your top picks for kid-friendly hikes near Laramie?


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