Walking a Fine Line…

This morning when I woke up I planned on writing about happy things like the trail conditions at Tie City (slushy, melting, but skiable) and Curt Gowdy State Park (dry, beautiful, dust off your mountain bike and take the afternoon off). But, then I read this article and it got me all fired up. I’m still all fired up. I need to go hike it off.

Please excuse me while I step on my soapbox.

In Hawaii hiking bloggers did something stupid. 

They wrote about and promoted a hiking trail that encouraged people to trespass on private property.

Naturally, we’re outraged.

walking a fine line...

We walk a fine line here at Just Trails. We want to talk about cool and amazing things and trails all over the place BUT we don’t if they fall on private land or if publicizing the area might compromise it’s historic nature or damage a fragile ecosystem. We just can’t morally, ethically and legally.

We’ve discovered a lot of cool places that are “off trail” and we just don’t talk about them. It’s hard because sometimes we really want to share them with others. But we can’t. We won’t. And we’ll never tell you to trespass on private land even if we can guarantee that you’ll see something amazing.

We only talk about things that you can easily find on public land here–things that others have written about but with the disclaimer to leave on footprints and take only photographs. 

We tread lightly every day–balancing the need to protect things and still talk about cool outdoor spaces. At the end of the day I believe that we protect what we know and what we love. Part of that protection process starts with simply knowing what’s out there.

It doesn’t start with tromping through private land because some idiot outdoor blogger told you to.


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  1. Sara |

    Ouch!! Definitely stay off private land! Around here it’s not just for ecosystems either, you can get yourself shot for trespassing… Ranchers don’t know you aren’t a cattle rustler.

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