Now What? New Blog Series

Have you ever been on an outdoor adventure and found yourself thinking “oh no, now what am I going to do?”

I have.

Two years ago Al and I were hiking up Mount McConnell. Al had taken our baby (we only had one at this point in our lives) and was hiking some of the shorter trails at the base of the mountain. I was lucky enough to get to hike to the peak all by myself, without a crying baby. It was heaven. Until…

I ran into a patch of snow and lost the trail. Slipped on the ice. Ran into a massive boulder field. Stopped halfway down the boulder field after banging my shin into a rock. Sat down and cried. And was almost 2 hours late meeting Al at our link-up location.

Al was worried about me. The baby was hungry and crabby and I was mad at myself for not turning back once I realized that I’d be post-holing through calf-deep snow and unable to get the GPS tracks we needed to make a trail guide anyway.

summer view.jpg

Nothing really “bad” happened on the hike–but it sure could have.

Since that day Al and I have spent a lot of time thinking about what we would do in potentially dangerous situations. I think there’s a lot to be said about forcing yourself to really think through worst-case scenarios, it’s like rehearsing before a big event that you hope never happens.

Which is exactly why we’re excited to announce a new blog series!


Starting in one week every Monday were going to post a scenario to our blog, facebook page, twitter feed, Pinterest board, and google + using the hashtag #nowwhat. We’ll let you think about the scenario for a few days and comment on the blog or your social media outlet of choice.

Every Thursday we’ll discuss what all of our awesome readers mentioned and tell you what we’d do–keeping in mind that there is no right or wrong answer to any scenario, the purpose is simply to think and discuss. And, scenarios will be intentionally short and vague.

So, check back next Monday for our very first #nowwhat scenario!

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