5 Ingredients For An Epic Spring Break

The best spring break I ever had was when Al and I were broke college students. One morning we were headed up to the Snowy Range to go skiing when we suddenly had the thought to just go somewhere different instead.

So, we turned the car around and went back to town to pack. An hour later my white Subaru station wagon was full of skis and gear and we were headed north with no real destination in mind. Living like dirtbags we spent a few days wandering around skiing and exploring. On the way back to Laramie my car broke down making the adventure even more exciting.

That trip had all the ingredients of an epic spring break.

5 Ingredients for an epic spring break

1) Spontaneity. Every good adventure starts with a spontaneous “let’s just pack up the car and go.” It’s that spontaneous decision which builds memories (both good and bad). Unfortunately, now that we’ve added 2 kids to the mix spontaneous for us requires at least a week of planning, an entire day of packing things like diapers and teething tablets, followed by an entire day of laundry and grocery shopping at the end of a trip. So if you can be spontaneous one day and wake up in the morning ready to take a trip do it!

2) No planned destination. I grew up in a family that rarely went on a trip without hotel or campsite reservations. But when it comes to spring break adventures I say reservations be damned! Part of the fun is trying to figure out where you’re going to sleep at night. There’s always a couch to be found, a rest stop parking lot to sleep in or a Walmart parking lot to crash.

3) Ridiculous amounts of gear. It’s spring break, you don’t know what you’re going to find along the Rockies! Skis, bikes, climbing gear if that’s your thing. Sleeping bags, tents, tarps, headlamps. Part of the fun is seeing how much gear you can fit into your car and then how much of it you can use in one day. How cool is it if you can say you skied in the morning and cycled in the afternoon?

4) A cooler full of food. Enough said, fuel the beast. Save money by packing it at home (especially since you don’t know where you’re going and if there will be food available for purchase).

5) A full tank of gas. Better yet, a beater car with a full tank of gas and a bunch of friends to help pitch in and buy gas. You can’t have an adventure if your tank is on empty.

Now, I’m sure that many of you have been on a lot more epic spring break trips than me so now it’s your turn to chime in. Where did you spend your most fun spring break, did you “dirtbag” it, what do you think needs to be added to our list of ingredients for an epic spring break?




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  2. David |

    One summer in Phoenix we had a week or so between softball games, so a friend and I decided we wanted to “check out Yellowstone”. We didn’t really pack, just threw some things in the car and off we went, driving straight through. We arrived at Old Faithful Lodge about 6 AM and went in for breakfast. The waitress recognized me from a local television program I did while in high school, so I felt famous. (No one ever recognized me in Phoenix!) No reservations, no plans, sleeping wherever. Our car conked out 75 miles outside of Phoenix on the way back, and we had just enough money (10 cents!) between us to make a phone call to another friend to come rescue us. Best vacation I ever had! 🙂

    • Rebecca |

      That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing…what is it about cars breaking down at the end of these types of trips? I’m seeing a trend here!!!

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