A Bear on the Trail (Discussion) #NowWhat

On Monday we posed this question:

Bear on the TrailAnd we got a bunch of great responses.

So what would we do?

Ummmm, probably pee our pants because we saw a bear (cool) and then pee our pants again because “Ahhhh, there’s a bear!!!” We have had beat encounters before…But hiking right in to a Mama bear and her cubs is no joke. We would probably freeze, grab our bear spray back up slowly and get the hell out of there. If she charges hopefully a good dose of capsaicin would stop her in her tracks.

One of our readers shared this video which is a hilarious look at what not to do (unless you’re really brave/dumb/wanna get mauled). It starts with some fly fishing talk but give it a minute or so…

Now there’s different advice on what to do if it’s a grizzly or black bear, we’re not experts and shoot, sometimes it’s hard to even identify a bear. So, here are a few of our favorite bear resources.

So, did we do the right thing? Did you do the right thing? What really is the “right” thing to do in this situation?


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