5 Ways to Hike Safely During Hunting Season

Hunting season is in full swing here in Wyoming and let’s be honest, there are far more hunters than hikers on the mountain.

And that’s okay with us.

While we do take a few extra precautions when hiking during hunting season we don’t mind sharing beautiful Wyoming with hunters.

Here are a few tips for safe hiking during hunting season.

  • Be visible!  Hunting season is not a good time for neutral colored clothing so dig out your neon orange (or pink) hat from the 80’s and reminisce about how awesome jeans looked when they were tight-rolled. And don’t forget the retro 80’s flair for your 4-legged companion!
  • Make a little noise.  We aren’t always loud and vocal on the trail (unless we’re carrying a chatter-box of a toddler on our backs) but during hunting season it doesn’t hurt to make your presence known, especially if you see signs of hunters in the area.
  • Stick to established trails.  Sometimes it’s fun to get off the trails, but fall isn’t a good time for bushwhacking.  The good news is that if you’re looking for a fun hiking trail, you’re in the right place!
  • Find out where hunters like to hunt and then hike elsewhere.  Check with the local Game and Fish or the guy at the sporting goods store who sells hunting licenses, they are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hunting information.
  • Learn the dates of the local hunting seasons so you know when to be a little bit more cautious.

The good news is that with a little bit of education and minimal effort hunters and hikers can safely coexist.

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