4 Ways to Stay Smart about Forest Fires

There have already been several fires this season and lets face it, we can’t expect to get a whole lot of wet whether as the summer progresses. So here are four ways to stay smart about Forest Fires.

4 Ways to Stay Smart About Forest Fires

1. Don’t start the thing. We know you’ve heard it all before. We also know that with rare exception human caused forest fires are not intentional but that’s the whole point. Don’t let the accident happen to you.  Nobody expects you to eat raw food while out on the trails but it’s smart to get a heads up on what types of cooking fires are acceptable and plan accordingly.

2. If you keep your ear to the ground you will stay informed. We have been very impressed with the way the Medicine Bow & Routt National Forests, the Arapahoe & Roosevelt National Forests, and Larimer County have been rapidly communicating updates relating to all the recent fires. By putting this information on their twitter feeds and websites they are not only communicating to the media but enlisting the help of social networks as well.

3. Plan an alternate way home. A fire could start while you are on your hike and even if it doesn’t come close to where you are it may cause road closures which keep you from getting home. Also filling up the gas tank before you head out will help tremendously in this situation. Not just because you get more range but because we all know gas is quite a bit pricier in the more remote locations.

4. Have a plan for if you are too close to the fire. Nobody wants to be near a forest fire on purpose and the good news is if you pay attention the fire won’t sneak up on you. Fires get pushed around by the wind and they like to travel up. So pay attention to which way the wind is blowing and pause to think about which direction a fire would come from. Also, getting out of the path of the fire is a better choice than running for high ground. Keep your eye on the horizon, you should see a big fire from far enough away to avoid it.

We know there are more tips. What are some of the things you do to stay smart about forest fires?

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