History of the Medicine Bow National Forest {New FREE e-book}

When you’re wandering around the Medicine Bow National Forest do you ever stop for a few minutes to wonder what the forest looked like 100 years ago?

Do you think about who explored the high alpine terrain or pine forests before you?

Do you ever think about how the scenery has changed or how it has stayed the same?

We have some of our favorite stories about the history of the Medicine Bow National Forest. Especially the woman who once manned a fire lookout tower on Medicine Bow Peak, or a plane that once crashed into the mountain. 

History of the Medicine Bow National Forest

As avid hikers and huge history nerds we were so excited when our friends at the American Heritage Center here on the University of Wyoming campus helped us discover an amazing historical document which Al spent his holiday break compiling it into an e-book.

Here’s what Al has to say about it,

“I came across a report while going through the Medicine Bow National Forest Collection at the University of Wyoming’s American Heritage Center. It was a history and a description of the Medicine Bow National forest written in 1909. I couldn’t put it down, especially the history that was written by John H. Mullison. I was struck by the stories told and the general turn of the 1900s perspectives on the proper role of the forest, the future of the Laramie valley, Native Americans, and wildlife, among other things. I felt that more people should read this report. Republishing the information as a free ebook seemed like the best way to accomplish this.”

We are SO excited to offer this free e-book and hope you’ll be able to download it, read it and think about the unique and amazing history surrounding our local mountains.

You can download a pdf version for free here or get a copy on Google play, Google Books, the Apple iBookstore or Amazon here.

We’d love your feedback so if you do get a chance to check it out and read it chime in with the comments below and let us know what you think!

{ps you might notice that the book is free on our website, Google play, Google Books and the Apple iBookstore and $0.99 on Amazon, you can read why it’s $0.99 on Amazon. Since we couldn’t make the ebook free on Amazon all proceeds made from Amazon sales will be donated to the American Heritage Center.)


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