Explore the Medicine Bow National Forest E-Book

We took all of the information we gathered for trails and points of interest in the Medicine Bow National Forest and consolidated it into a single eBook putting all of our maps, descriptions, directions and helpful links in one convenient place.

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Why an eBook?

We’ve worn out our share of guide books over the years and have come up with a few reasons why an eBook is a good choice.

  • FREE UPDATES! When we update our book, and we will update our book, all we have to do is upload the new version to our website and through our distributers. Then, you’ll get an email and can download the new version at your leisure for no cost.
  • FULL COLOR! Buying a physical book with a lot of high resolution full color maps and pictures is expensive. Not so with an eBook. We can bring you a custom full color map for each trail and point of interest along with a picture or two for good measure.Gap Lakes - ebook map
  • Crater Lake - eBookWe have hyperlinks. We make great use of hyperlinks throughout the book so you can jump to a specific trail or point of interest very quickly without a lot of skimming back and forth. Also, if you are connected to the internet our hyperlinks can connect you to even more of our pictures and videos.
  • It’s one less thing to carry on a long trip and one less thing to have cluttering up the house. We don’t imagine that you’ll be hiking with your iPad or Kindle Fire but most of the times we have used a physical guide book we’ve left it in the car too.

Feel fee to try a short sample:

Below we’ve listed all the trails you’ll find in the book. We’ll add more as we keep finding new places to explore. We’ll also update these trails with the latest changes and make sure you get updated versions at no cost (which is something else we wouldn’t be able to do with a physical book).

Section 1: Pole Mountain and Curt Gowdy State Park

  1. Curt Gowdy State Park
  2. South Branch of Crow Creek
  3. Tie City and Happy Jack
  4. Vedauwoo and Blair

Section 2: Corner Mountain and Sand Lake Road

  1. Corner Mountain
  2. Green Rock
  3. Little Laramie
  4. North Fork Trail
  5. Queen Mine
  6. Snowy Range

Section 3: Rock Creek Area

  1. Crater Lake Trail
  2. Mine along Rock Creek
  3. Rock Creek Trail
  4. Sand Lake Resort
  5. Sheep Lake Trail
  6. Trail Creek Trail

Section 4: Medicine Bow Peak Area

  1. Billie Class Stamp Mill
  2. Cabin near Quealy Lake
  3. French Creek Canyon Trail
  4. Gap Lakes Trail
  5. Lake Marie Falls
  6. Lost Lake Trail
  7. Medicine Bow Peak
  8. Medicine Bow Peak Fire Lookout
  9. Miner’s Cabin and Tipple Trail
  10. Quealy Lake Trail
  11. Red Mask Mine
  12. Reservoir Lake Falls
  13. Silver Lake Trails
  14. Wreck of United Airlines Flight 409

Section 5: French Creek to Kennaday Peak

  1. Brush Creek Trails
  2. Kennaday Peak Fire Lookout
  3. Tie Camp along Brush Creek
  4. Tie Camp along North French Creek
  5. Tie Hack Trail

Section 6: Platte River to Sheep Mountain

  1. Albany County Rail Trail
  2. Cabin along Douglas Creek
  3. Chimney Park
  4. Echo Lodge
  5. Platte River Wilderness
  6. Savage Run Wilderness
  7. Sheep Mountain Trail
  8. Thompson Lodge and a Timber Flume