Book Review: The Mining Camps Speak

The Mining Camps Speak by Beth and Bill Sagstetter is an essential read for anyone who enjoys exploring abandoned mines, cabins, or ghost towns. This is especially so for people who are new to this type of exploring.

The Sagstetter’s have put their decades worth of knowledge and experience into this book that is both handbook and history. So instead of just stumbling around old cabins, The Mining Camps Speak tells you what you are looking at and helps you gain a much deeper understanding of any old abandoned site you happen to be visiting.

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Each chapter discusses a different aspect of mining and mining camps. You will read about mining techniques and tools, the different types of buildings and how to tell them apart from their remains, and gain a great appreciation for old cans.

I have gone back to some places after reading this book to have a second look around at things. I have also found it to be helpful while exploring old tie hack camps even though the Sagstetter’s don’t talk about them.

What I respect most about the Sagstetter’s however is found in their preface where they explain that a true explorer “is not a treasure hunter or a souvenir hunter” who is “satisfied with being awed at the privilege of witnessing a vanishing heritage.”

We should all live by those words while visiting the wilderness and historic sites.

If you want to give this book a spin feel free to pick it up from (We are an amazon affiliate so feel free to check out our affiliate disclaimer)

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