Book Review: Knights of the Broadax

Do you want to spend the winter in living in the mountains chopping down trees and then float them down a creek in the spring? This fascinating book written by Joan Trego Pinkerton will put you right in the midst of the people who lived that way of life.

Pinkerton tells a first hand account based off of her experiences growing up the Headquarters Camp of the Wyoming Tie and Timber Company in the 1930s and 1940s. She supplemented her knowledge with other first hand interviews and an incredible wealth of photographs taken by her father.

Book Review: Knights of the Broadax

I can’t say enough about these pictures. They are spread throughout the book and go such a long way to capture the daily lives of these hard working men and women. I imagine it was rare that a tie camp had its own resident amateur photographer.

I enjoyed reading about how they got around and pretty well coped with the long winters on the mountain. It was also very entertaining to read about the how the Tie Hacks ate and how they could turn a tree into several perfect railroad ties using an ax and never measuring anything.

Another very interesting part of the book talks about the spring when German POWs worked the tie drive.

Pinkerton did an amazing job with Knights of the Broadax. If you are even slightly interested in the history of the west or the brief period in which Tie Hacks were common you will enjoy this book.

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