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Just Trails is all about helping people explore. We are working hard to grow a community of people passionate about exploring the natural areas around them. Ideally, ads on our site will also help people explore. We don’t use a third party service to place ads on our site because we care about what people see and experience when they visit us.

Our Community: The Just Trails community is an exciting, growing place. Our website is averaging over 11,000 views each month. We have one piece “go viral” bringing over 20,000 unique visitors to our site in June. Our community is very passionate about everything outdoors and our site can provide great exposure if your product or service helps people explore. This is your chance to get in early on something big.

Blog Sidebar Ads: We offer 200px by 250px sidebar ads on our blog pages. These are sold on a monthly basis. We’ll never go higher than six of these ads at once.

Trail and Point of Interest Sidebar Ads: We offer 200px by 250px sidebar ads on our Trail and Point of Interest Pages. These are sold individually for each Trail or Point of Interest and the price depends on the amount of traffic each one of these receives. These are also sold on a monthly basis and we’ll only put one add on each page.

Gear Reviews: We will do a gear review but only after we’ve used it ourselves. We are fair and honest with our reviews. Our responsibility to and reputation in our community is more important to us than recommending a bad piece of gear because we got it for free.

Contact: If you’re interested in advertising with us, we’d love to chat. Email for more information and our rate card.