About Us

At Just Trails our goal is simple.

To help you explore.

We don’t care if you’re visiting Southeastern Wyoming or Nothern Colorado for the first time.

Or if you live in the area and are simply looking for new trails to enjoy.

Our commitment to you is this.

Accurate trail information from trails that we’ve actually hiked and mapped ourselves.

We’re a family-owned and operated small business in Laramie, Wyoming.

Just Trails was Al’s idea.

He left his career as an infantry officer in the Army in search of doing something awesome and not working a 9-5. He sprinkles a little bit of love into each trail that he maps and moonlights as a law student at the University of Wyoming.

If you take one of our backcountry navigation classes you’ll get to hang out with Al.

Rebecca does all of the behind-the-scenes work here at Just Trails. From blogging to finding vendors to sell our amazing Trail Decks.

She wears a lot of hats.

She also leads the Little Laramie Hikers, has written two books, How To Hike With Kids & How To Hike When You’re Pregnant. and spends most of her time on her other website, Hike Like A Woman.

…or chasing these kids down a trail.

Thanks for stopping by our little slice of the internet.

We’re super stoked that you’re here and always happy to answer questions about local trails via our Contact Us form.


Al & Rebecca Walsh