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This small trail system is right next to the Snowy Range Ski Area and has about two miles of easy trails for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

All the trails loop around and come back to the trailhead so there are no long out and back treks. Only Park Loop has steep narrow sections making this a great place to learn how to cross country ski. It is also worth snowshoeing over to Hanging Lake for a peek.

The best place to park is in the Northeast corner of the overflow parking area as that is where you will find the trailhead. But some people like to park in the main parking area to be closer to the ski lodge.


  • Bridge Loop (0.5 Miles)
  • Hanging Lake Trail (0.2 Miles)
  • Lost Loop (0.5 Miles)
  • Park Loop (0.8 Miles)

Directions & Data:

The Snowy Range Trails can be reached by traveling west from Laramie along Highway 130 toward Centennial. Continue driving past Centennial for 5 miles into the Medicine Bow National Forest. Turn onto Snowy Range Road road headed toward the Snowy Range Ski Area. Park in the overflow parking area for closer access to the trailhead. These trails are only open in winter when the ski area is open.

-There are no parking fees for these trails but they are only open in the winter when the ski area is open.

-These trails range in elevation between 9,000 and 9,200 feet.

-Dogs aren’t allowed on these trails.

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