How To Hike With Kids (e-book)


The ultimate how-to guide for hiking with children.


Note: This is the .pdf verson of the book and the formatting isn't awesome.

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Have you ever found yourself wondering how to get your children outdoors and onto a trail?

Have you ever found yourself burdened trying to figure out what kind of carrier to use for your toddler?

Or wondered at what age your preschooler can start to carry his or her own day pack?

If you have you’re in the right place.

This book is going to walk you through ten easy tips to make it easy for your family to get outside together.

I’ll answer your questions and inspire you to get outside and on a trail together.

If you’re a novice hiker I hope to put aside any fears that you might have about taking kids into the wilderness.

If you’re a seasoned hiker I hope to learn from each other.



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