Where to See Fall Colors Right Now

We still might be wearing shorts and sandals around town but there’s no mistaking that Autumn is in the air.

Are you wondering where to go to see the bright orange, yellow and red leaves of autumn?

Here are our topic picks for fall colors right now.

  • Corner Mountain & Little Laramie. You know that small section of aspen trees as your driving past Centennial toward the Corner Mountain & Little Laramie trailheads? It’s probably our favorite view in the Snowies right now. You can stop and hike from either trailhead to catch a glimpse of changing leaves.
  • Medicine Bow Rail Trail. Start at the Woods Creek Trailhead just past the Chimney Park trailhead. Don’t cross highway 230 and hike north toward the Lincoln Gulch trailhead. This trailhead also has an amazing picnic area, one of our favorites so this is a great place for a fall picnic and hike.
  • Where to see fall colors right nowGreen Rock. I think that in the fall we tend to overlook the trails from the Green Rock trailhead since the trails from there do tend to meander through a more coniferous forest. But maybe that’s why I like this trail in the fall. It’s so green that what leafy trees do exist really seem to light up the forest.
  • Vedauwoo. Yep, Vedauwoo, we were up that direction on Monday and the place is ablaze with beauty.  We also caught a glimpse of a moose. If you can’t make it to Vedauwoo just check out this photo from our friend Brian with Brian Guice Media.
  • Headquarters Trail. Start from the Summit Trailhead just past the rest area. We were just up that way this morning. The bright yellow aspen trees are glorious, you won’t be disappointed.

Bonus Trail: If you’re looking for another adventure head over the border to Red Feather Lakes and start from the Mount Margaret or Lady Moon trailheads. We were there yesterday and it was beautiful there too.

Where are you seeing beautiful fall colors right now?

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