New Podcast: The First Woman Ski Jumper

Did you know that women have been ski jumping since before 1863? Today on the podcast we talk about ski jumping pioneer Ingrid Olsdatter.


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The history of ladies ski jumping (link)

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New Podcast: The Epic Adventures of Karl Hovelsen

Who is excited for the Winter Olympics?

Today’s podcast is inspired by a man named Karl Hovelsen, also known as the Flying Norseman. He wasn’t an Olympian but he was an epic ski jumper.













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(p.s. we first talked about The Flying Norseman last winter, so if you listened to that podcast it’s the same great content, I just wanted to share it again)


Skiing Heritage Magazine (link)

Skiing Heritage Journal (link)

Skiing Heritage Journal (link)

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American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame (link)

New Podcast: Lady Moon

One of my favorite trails in Northern Colorado is the Lady Moon and Molly Lake Trail just south of Red Feather Lakes in Roosevelt National Forest.

Naturally I just assumed that the name ‘Lady Moon’ is just a clever name and doesn’t have any real historical significance until a few days ago when I stumbled upon an article in the Coloradan written by Barbara Fleming about a stubborn Irish beauty named Lady Moon, who the Lady Moon trail is named after.

Lady Moon

 Here’s the story of one of her adventures.


A Walk Through History Irish spitfire goes from laundress to lady by Barbara Fleming. (link)


New Podcast: A Personal Story of Misadventure

Welcome back to the new and improved Great Adventures Podcast.

Great Adventures Episode 14-01

I took on a listener’s challenge and decided to tell a story about an adventure (okay fine, a misadventure) that we recently had. You can listen below.

Do you have an adventure story to tell? We’re looking to make this podcast more fun and interactive and we want to interview YOU via Skype or FaceTime for Great Adventures. Shoot me an email rebecca (at) just trails (dot) com.