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Thanks for stopping by. We’re the Just Trails Team and our website is dedicated to exploring. We love hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and using our own legs and lungs to power us up (and down) mountains.

We started Just Trails because we wanted to create place were people could find detailed information and helpful advice about exploring the beautiful places around them. You only have so many weekends and vacation days, you should spend them somewhere fun and new.

In addition to trail guides, we write about various points of interest (historic sites, waterfalls, etc…) & we try to publish a few blog posts every week.  We live, work, and explore in Southeastern Wyoming and Northern Colorado but we try to make our blog appealing no matter where you live.

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Laramie, Wyoming is our home. If you’re from Laramie, Cheyenne or Fort Collins Colorado and you like to explore this is the place for you. We are gradually expanding further and hope to be able to pursue this dream long enough to reach all of the western states.

We hope you’ll enjoy our website and our trail guides and we look forward to seeing you out on the trails.

Meet The Just Trails Team

Al Walsh

I’m a Wyoming native who served in the Army for eight and a half years after graduating from the University of Wyoming.  I got out of the Army in November of 2011 and started Just Trails as a cover to share my interest in exploring, maps, gps stuff, and outdoor recreation in general.

If I’m not out on the trails I’m building maps and guides.

You can contact me by sending an email to al@justtrails.com

Rebecca Connell Walsh

I’m a native of beautiful Bozeman, Montana where I grew up playing in the mountains and competing in cross-country skiing and biathlon.  Like Al, I served in the Army but now my combat boots have been replaced with hiking boots as I chase two kids down the trails.

I do most of the blogging, social media and all things PR for Just Trails. You can also find me testing gear for Seattle Backpackers Magazine, writing about the outdoors for Sierra Trading Post, or blogging on our sister site Hike Like A Woman where we focus on women and children in the outdoors. I’m passionate about getting kids hiking volunteer with WY Outside and lead a local family-friendly hiking group. 

You can contact me by sending an email to rebecca@justtrails.com or follow me on twitter @hikelikeawoman or instagram @hikelikeawoman.

Dick Blust

I’m a detective with the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office in Rock Springs, Wyoming, where I have trained hundreds of fellow law enforcement officers, search and rescue volunteers, rural firefighters, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds in back country navigation over the last 18 years. My approach emphasizes hands-on practicality and utility, focused on a theme of dealing with situations most commonly encountered in the field. I have a book on back country navigation due out in 2013.

Questions about back country navigation can be emailed to me at rcblust@yahoo.com.

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